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TRADEMARK, adjective. (informal) distinctive, characteristic, signature
TRADEMARK, noun. ​A word, symbol, or phrase used to identify a particular company's product and differentiate it from other companies' products.
TRADEMARK, noun. Any proprietary business, product or service name.
TRADEMARK, verb. To register something as a trademark.
TRADEMARK, verb. To so label a product.
TRADEMARK EROSION, noun. Situation that occurs when a trademarked name becomes a generic name through constant use.
TRADEMARK EROSIONS, noun. Plural of trademark erosion
TRADEMARK SYMBOL, noun. A symbol "™", which is comprised of the capital letters T and M, in this order, and in superscript.
TRADEMARK SYMBOLS, noun. Plural of trademark symbol

Dictionary definition

TRADEMARK, noun. A distinctive characteristic or attribute.
TRADEMARK, noun. A formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product.
TRADEMARK, verb. Mark with a brand or trademark; "when this product is not branded it sells for a lower price".
TRADEMARK, verb. Register the trademark of; "The company trademarked their new gadget".

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