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OWN, verb. (transitive) To have rightful possession of (property, goods or capital); "To possess by right; to have the right of property in; to have the legal right or rightful title to." (Ref 1)
OWN, verb. (transitive) To have recognized political sovereignty over a place, territory, as distinct from the ordinary connotation of property ownership.
OWN, verb. (intransitive) To admit, concede, grant, allow, acknowledge, confess; not to deny.
OWN, verb. (transitive) To claim as one's own; to answer to.
OWN, verb. (intransitive) To acknowledge or admit the possession or ownership of. (Ref 3)
OWN, verb. (transitive) To defeat or embarrass; to overwhelm.
OWN, verb. (transitive) To virtually or figuratively enslave.
OWN, verb. (gaming) (slang) To defeat, dominate, or be above, also spelled pwn.
OWN, verb. (transitive) (computing) (slang) To illicitly obtain "super-user" or "root" access into a computer system thereby having access to all of the user files on that system; pwn.
OWN, adjective. Belonging to; possessed; proper to.
OWN, adjective. (obsolete) Peculiar, domestic.
OWN, adjective. (obsolete) Not foreign.
OWN, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To grant; give.
OWN, verb. (transitive) To admit; concede; acknowledge.
OWN, verb. (transitive) To recognise; acknowledge.
OWN, verb. (intransitive) (UK dialectal) To confess.
OWN GOAL, noun. (sports) A goal that results from a player putting the ball or puck into the goal of his or her own team; the resulting goal being scored for the opposition.
OWN GOAL, noun. (figuratively) A blunder that damages one's own prospects.
OWN GOALS, noun. Plural of own goal
OWN UP, verb. (idiomatic) to acknowledge, confess, or admit guilt or reponsibility. Often used with to.

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OWN, verb. Have ownership or possession of; "He owns three houses in Florida"; "How many cars does she have?".
OWN, adjective. Belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself); preceded by a possessive; "for your own use"; "do your own thing"; "she makes her own clothes"; "`ain' is Scottish".

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