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GAPE, verb. (intransitive) To open the mouth wide, especially involuntarily, as in a yawn, anger, or surprise.
GAPE, verb. (intransitive) To stare in wonder.
GAPE, verb. (intransitive) To open wide; to display a gap.
GAPE, noun. (uncommon) An act of gaping; a yawn.
GAPE, noun. A large opening.
GAPE, noun. (uncountable) A disease in poultry caused by gapeworm in the windpipe, a symptom of which is frequent gaping.
GAPE, noun. The width of an opening.
GAPE, noun. (zoology) The maximum opening of the mouth (of a bird, fish, etc.) when it is open.
GAPE SEED, noun. Something to be gaped at, a strange sight; typically used in phrases such as to buy, sow etc. gape seed, describing people who merely stand and stare instead of transacting business.

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GAPE, noun. An expression of openmouthed astonishment.
GAPE, noun. A stare of amazement (usually with the mouth open).
GAPE, verb. Look with amazement; look stupidly.
GAPE, verb. Be wide open; "the deep gaping canyon".

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