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NIGERIAN, noun. A person from Nigeria or of Nigerian descent.
NIGERIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people or culture.
NIGERIAN PIDGIN, proper noun. An English-based creole of Nigeria, combining vocabulary and grammar from the English language as well as various indigenous Nigerian languages.
NIGERIAN SCAM, noun. (Internet) An attempt to defraud by sending out large amounts of emails stating that the recipient is entitled to receive a large amount of money, but will need to supply banking account details, or to send payment for fees, before the payment can be passed on.

Dictionary definition

NIGERIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Nigeria.
NIGERIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Nigeria; "the Nigerian capital used to be Lagos".
NIGERIAN, adjective. Of or relating to the people of Nigeria; "a Nigerian novelist won the Nobel Prize for literature this year".

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