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AUDIT, noun. An audience; a hearing.
AUDIT, noun. An examination in general.
AUDIT, noun. A judicial examination.
AUDIT, noun. An independent review and examination of records and activities to assess the adequacy of system controls, to ensure compliance with established policies and operational procedures, and to recommend necessary changes in controls, policies, or procedures
AUDIT, noun. The result of such an examination, or an account as adjusted by auditors; final account.
AUDIT, noun. (Scientology) Spiritual counseling, which forms the core of Dianetics.
AUDIT, noun. (obsolete) A general receptacle or receiver.
AUDIT, verb. To examine and adjust (e.g. an account).
AUDIT, verb. (finance) (business) To conduct an independent review and examination of system records and activities in order to test the adequacy and effectiveness of data security and data integrity procedures, to ensure compliance with established policy and operational procedures, and to recommend any necessary changes
AUDIT, verb. (Scientology) To counsel spiritually.
AUDIT, verb. To attend an academic class on a not-for-academic-credit basis.
AUDIT TRAIL, noun. A formal record or log of the financial transactions of an organization or system, especially such a computerized record
AUDIT TRAILS, noun. Plural of audit trail

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AUDIT, noun. An inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA.
AUDIT, noun. A methodical examination or review of a condition or situation; "he made an audit of all the plants on his property"; "an energy efficiency audit"; "an email log audit".
AUDIT, verb. Examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification; "audit accounts and tax returns".
AUDIT, verb. Attend academic courses without getting credit.

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