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HAIL, noun. Balls or pieces of ice falling as precipitation, often in connection with a thunderstorm.
HAIL, verb. (impersonal) Said of the weather when hail is falling.
HAIL, verb. (transitive) to send or release hail
HAIL, verb. (transitive) to greet; give salutation to; salute.
HAIL, verb. (transitive) To name; to designate; to call.
HAIL, verb. (transitive) to call out loudly in order to gain the attention of
HAIL, adjective. (obsolete) Healthy, whole, safe.
HAIL, interjection. An exclamation of respectful or reverent salutation, or, occasionally, of familiar greeting.
HAIL AND RIDE, noun. (UK) A system of public transport in which the vehicle only stops if a passenger or pedestrian specifically signals to the driver.
HAIL DOWN, verb. (intransitive) to fall from the sky, as hail
HAIL DOWN, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) to appear inexplicably
HAIL FELLOW WELL MET, noun. A sociable, friendly, usually male person.
HAIL FROM, verb. To be a native of, to come from, to originate from; to have as one's birth place or residence
HAIL MARY, noun. (Roman Catholicism) A prayer calling for the intercession of the Holy Mother, for Catholics an essential element of the rosary, and with use in certain other denominations.
HAIL MARY, noun. A Hail Mary pass.
HAIL MARY PASS, noun. (American football) A long forward pass with little chance of completion, typically used by the losing team when time is running out and no other play is practical, in a desperate attempt to score the winning points.
HAIL MARY PASS, noun. (by extension) An act done in desperation, with only a very small chance of success.
HAIL MARYS, noun. Plural of Hail Mary
HAIL SHAFT, noun. (weather) a region of intense rain and hail accompanied by a strong downdraft
HAIL SHAFTS, noun. Plural of hail shaft
HAIL STORM, noun. A storm characterized by lots of large hail
HAIL STORMS, noun. Plural of hail storm

Dictionary definition

HAIL, noun. Precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents.
HAIL, noun. Many objects thrown forcefully through the air; "a hail of pebbles"; "a hail of bullets".
HAIL, noun. Enthusiastic greeting.
HAIL, verb. Praise vociferously; "The critics hailed the young pianist as a new Rubinstein".
HAIL, verb. Be a native of; "She hails from Kalamazoo".
HAIL, verb. Call for; "hail a cab".
HAIL, verb. Greet enthusiastically or joyfully.
HAIL, verb. Precipitate as small ice particles; "It hailed for an hour".

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