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MARY, proper noun. A female given name.
MARY, proper noun. The Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ.
MARY, proper noun. The 19th sura (chapter) of the Quran
MARY, proper noun. Any of several other women in the New Testament, notably Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha.
MARY, proper noun. (Ireland) (dated) A middle name for a male, given in honour of the Virgin Mary.
MARY, noun. (gay slang) (chiefly US) A male homosexual.
MARY ANN, proper noun. A female given name.
MARY ANNE, proper noun. A female given name.
MARY BELL ORDER, noun. (British) (informal) A court order forbidding publication of any information that could identify a child involved in legal proceedings.
MARY BELL ORDERS, noun. Plural of Mary Bell order
MARY CELESTE, proper noun. (nautical) a British-flagged Nova Scotian brigantine that crossed the Atlantic Ocean, gone through the Straits of Gibraltar, and into the Mediterranean Sea under full sail, without a crew or any occupants.
MARY CELESTE, proper noun. (idiomatic) a ship found empty of all people, in good condition, seemingly abandoned on the high seas
MARY CELESTE, proper noun. A ghost ship
MARY JANE, proper noun. A female given name
MARY JANE, noun. (slang) Marijuana.
MARY JANE, noun. A type of shoe for a girl (also a boy or child), having a rounded toe and a strap with a buckle.
MARY JANES, noun. Plural of Mary Jane
MARY MAGDALENE, proper noun. (biblical character) A female disciple of Jesus.
MARY ROSE SAUCE, noun. Alternative spelling of Marie Rose sauce
MARY SUE, noun. (fandom slang) A fictional character, usually female, whose implausible talents and likeability weaken the story.
MARY SUES, noun. Plural of Mary Sue
MARY WORTH, proper noun. An American comic strip character, noted for her kindly role in solving other people's problems.
MARY WORTH, proper noun. A spirit of folklore that can be summoned in a mirror, known by various "Mary" names.

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MARY, noun. The mother of Jesus; Christians refer to her as the Virgin Mary; she is especially honored by Roman Catholics.

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