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DAUGHTER, noun. One’s female offspring.
DAUGHTER, noun. A female descendant.
DAUGHTER, noun. A daughter language.
DAUGHTER, noun. (physics) A nuclide left over from radioactive decay.
DAUGHTER CELL, noun. A cell produced by reproductive division of a cell during mitosis or meiosis.
DAUGHTER COMPANY, noun. A subsidiary.
DAUGHTER LANGUAGE, noun. (linguistics) A language which genetically descends from earlier, parent language.
DAUGHTER NUCLIDE, noun. (physics) An isotope (often one of several) that is the product of the radioactive decay of a specific parent nuclide
DAUGHTER OF THE MANSE, noun. A specifically female child of the manse.
DAUGHTER OUT, verb. (of a surname or of heritable property in a patrilineal naming or inheritance system) To expire due to having only females surviving the death of the last male in a line.
DAUGHTER SAUCE, noun. A sauce made by adding flavoring to a basic mother sauce.
DAUGHTER SAUCES, noun. Plural of daughter sauce

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DAUGHTER, noun. A female human offspring; "her daughter cared for her in her old age".

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