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ALICE, proper noun. A female given name popular in England since the Middle Ages.
ALICE, proper noun. (cryptography) (physics) a placeholder name for the person or system that sends a message to another person or system conventionally known as Bob.
ALICE, proper noun. (AU) (slang) (often with "the") Alice Springs, Australia.
ALICE, proper noun. A city in North Dakota.
ALICE, proper noun. A city in Texas.
ALICE, noun. (military) (US) (initialism) All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.
ALICE AND BOB, proper noun. (cryptography) Two people wishing to communicate securely with each other, Alice sending Bob information.
ALICE B. TOKLAS BROWNIE, noun. A sweet cake or biscuit made with cannabis.
ALICE B. TOKLAS BROWNIES, noun. Plural of Alice B. Toklas brownie
ALICE BAND, noun. A flexible horseshoe-shaped headband.
ALICE BANDS, noun. Plural of Alice band
ALICE BLUE, noun. A pale blue colour.
ALICE BLUE, adjective. Of a pale blue colour.
ALICE CHESS, noun. A chess variant that employs two chessboards; as each move is made, the moved piece is transferred to the same square on the other chessboard.
ALICE IN WONDERLAND, adjective. As in a surreal fairy tale where things work at odds to the way they do in the real world.
ALICE IN WONDERLAND SYNDROME, noun. A disorienting neurological condition involving micropsia, macropsia, or size distortion of other sensory modalities.

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