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OBSERVATION, noun. The act of observing, and the fact of being observed.
OBSERVATION, noun. The act of noting and recording some event; or the record of such noting.
OBSERVATION, noun. A remark or comment.
OBSERVATION, noun. A judgement based on observing.
OBSERVATION, noun. Performance of what is prescribed; adherence in practice; observance.
OBSERVATION CAR, noun. A railway passenger car made so as to facilitate seeing the scenery en route, sometimes with glass sides or with a kind of open balcony at the rear.
OBSERVATION CARS, noun. Plural of observation car
OBSERVATION DECK, noun. An area of a tall building, often open to the sky, from which the public may look at the surrounding panorama
OBSERVATION DECK, noun. A building (such as a hide) from which people may observe wildlife
OBSERVATION POST, noun. A lookout or vantage point
OBSERVATION WHEEL, noun. Ferris wheel
OBSERVATION WHEELS, noun. Plural of observation wheel

Dictionary definition

OBSERVATION, noun. The act of making and recording a measurement.
OBSERVATION, noun. The act of observing; taking a patient look.
OBSERVATION, noun. A remark expressing careful consideration.
OBSERVATION, noun. Facts learned by observing; "he reported his observations to the mayor".
OBSERVATION, noun. The act of noticing or paying attention; "he escaped the notice of the police".

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