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INFER, verb. (transitive) To introduce (something) as a reasoned conclusion; to conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence. [from 16th c.]
INFER, verb. (transitive) To lead to (something) as a consequence; to imply. (Now often considered incorrect, especially with a person as subject.) [from 16th c.]
INFER, verb. (obsolete) To cause, inflict (something) upon or to someone. [16th-18th c.]
INFER, verb. (obsolete) To introduce (a subject) in speaking, writing etc.; to bring in. [16th–18th c.]

Dictionary definition

INFER, verb. Reason by deduction; establish by deduction.
INFER, verb. Draw from specific cases for more general cases.
INFER, verb. Conclude by reasoning; in logic.
INFER, verb. Guess correctly; solve by guessing; "He guessed the right number of beans in the jar and won the prize".
INFER, verb. Believe to be the case; "I understand you have no previous experience?".

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