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HARD, adjective. (of material or fluid) Having a severe property; presenting difficulty.
HARD, adjective. Resistant to pressure.
HARD, adjective. (of drink) Strong.
HARD, adjective. (of water) High in dissolved calcium compounds.
HARD, adjective. (physics) (of a ferromagnetic material) Having the capability of being a permanent magnet by being a material with high magnetic coercivity (compare soft).
HARD, adjective. (personal or social) Having a severe property; presenting difficulty.
HARD, adjective. Requiring a lot of effort to do or understand.
HARD, adjective. Demanding a lot of effort to endure.
HARD, adjective. Severe, harsh, unfriendly, brutal.
HARD, adjective. (dated) Difficult to resist or control; powerful.
HARD, adjective. Unquestionable.
HARD, adjective. (of a road intersection) Having a comparatively larger or a ninety-degree angle.
HARD, adjective. (slang) (vulgar) (of a male) Sexually aroused.
HARD, adjective. (bodybuilding) Having muscles that are tightened as a result of intense, regular exercise.
HARD, adjective. (phonetics) (uncomparable)
HARD, adjective. Plosive.
HARD, adjective. Unvoiced
HARD, adjective. (arts) Having a severe property; presenting a barrier to enjoyment.
HARD, adjective. Rigid in the drawing or distribution of the figures; formal; lacking grace of composition.
HARD, adjective. Having disagreeable and abrupt contrasts in colour or shading.
HARD, adjective. (uncomparable) In the form of a hard copy.
HARD, adverb. (manner) With much force or effort.
HARD, adverb. (manner) With difficulty.
HARD, adverb. (obsolete) So as to raise difficulties.
HARD, adverb. (manner) Compactly.
HARD, adverb. (now archaic) Near, close.
HARD, noun. (nautical) A firm or paved beach or slope convenient for hauling vessels out of the water.
HARD, noun. (drugs) (colloquial) (slang) crack cocaine.
HARD AND FAST, adjective. Alternative form of hard-and-fast
HARD AS NAILS, adjective. (simile) (colloquial) Very hard; tough
HARD BOP, noun. A subgenre of jazz music that extends bebop with influences from rhythm and blues, gospel music, and blues.
HARD BY, preposition. (dated) Close to; near; in proximity to.
HARD C, noun. (phonetics) The "c" sound in "cat" and "cabin" as distinct from the soft c in "cent", "center" and "circuit".
HARD CANDIES, noun. Plural of hard candy
HARD CANDY, noun. (US) A candy prepared from one or more syrups boiled to a temperature of 160 °C (320 °F), thereafter becoming stiff and brittle at room temperature.
HARD CASE, noun. A tough person.
HARD CASE, noun. (New Zealand) An amusing, funny, witty, or possibly strange person. May be used as a term of endearment.
HARD CHEESE, interjection. (idiomatic) Expressed to someone suffering misfortune.
HARD CIDER, noun. (US) An alcoholic beverage formed by fermenting cider (apple juice).
HARD COAL, noun. Anthracite, distinguished from bituminous soft coal
HARD CODE, verb. (computing) To build absolute and unchangeable values into a program such that they can only be changed by modifying the source code and recompiling.
HARD CODE, verb. (computing) To insert an unchangeable program into a device; to hard-wire.
HARD CODED, verb. Past participle of hard code
HARD CODES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hard code
HARD CODING, noun. (computing) Alternative form of hardcoding
HARD CODINGS, noun. Plural of hard coding
HARD COPIES, noun. Plural of hard copy
HARD COPY, noun. A printed copy of a digital document, as opposed to a copy in electronic form.
HARD COUNT, noun. (American football) When the quarterback attempts to draw the defense offside through a deceptive snap count sequence, sometimes accompanied by subtle body movements which simulate the initiation of the play
HARD DISC, noun. (UK) Alternative spelling of hard disk
HARD DISC DRIVE, noun. Alternative spelling of hard disk drive
HARD DISC DRIVES, noun. Plural of hard disc drive
HARD DISCS, noun. Plural of hard disc
HARD DISK, noun. (computing) One of a series of parallel magnetic recording disks in a drive unit, used for the recording and retrieval of digital information; used especially in personal computers.
HARD DISK, noun. (computing) The unit itself, and all the disks within it.
HARD DISK DRIVE, noun. (computing) Pedantic form of hard drive or hard disk ; a fixed disc drive containing rigid disks.
HARD DISK DRIVES, noun. Plural of hard disk drive
HARD DISKS, noun. Plural of hard disk
HARD DONE BY, adjective. (idiomatic) used, cheated, dejected
HARD DOUGH BREAD, noun. A Jamaican bread similar to the Pullman loaf or pain de mie, but typically sweeter.
HARD DRIVE, noun. (computing) A device used for storing large amounts of data for a computer that persist while the computer is turned off.
HARD DRIVES, noun. Plural of hard drive
HARD DROP, noun. A manual downward motion of a piece that makes it land immediately (that is, within only one frame) and is possible in multiple versions of the video game Tetris.
HARD DROPS, noun. Plural of hard drop
HARD FEELINGS, noun. (idiomatic) Resentment, anger.
HARD FREEZE, noun. (meteorology) A freeze sufficiently long and severe to destroy seasonal vegetation and lead to ice formation in standing water and hard ground. Three degrees Celsius below freezing is considered a threshold in the US.
HARD FREEZES, noun. Plural of hard freeze
HARD G, noun. (linguistics) The /g/ sound in "get", "log" and "give" as distinct from the soft g in "gem", "giraffe", "lodge" and "generation".
HARD GAINER, noun. (bodybuilding) A person who has difficulty gaining weight either through diet or exercise.
HARD HAND, noun. (blackjack) A hand of cards that are worth their face value, i.e. without any ace being counted as 11.
HARD HANDED, adjective. Alternative form of hardhanded
HARD HANDS, noun. Plural of hard hand
HARD HAT, noun. A helmet, usually made from rigid plastic, used on construction sites to protect the head from falling objects.
HARD HATS, noun. Plural of hard hat
HARD HEAD, noun. (two-up) A crooked organiser of a two-up game, who would cheat players out of their money.
HARD HIT, adjective. In severe difficulties
HARD HIT, adjective. Severely affected by a problem
HARD LABOR, noun. The forced servitude in the form of physically difficult labor, usually as a penal punishment.
HARD LANDSCAPING, noun. A type of landscaping which prominently uses hard materials, like stone and metals, rather then 'soft' soil and planting.
HARD LEMONADE, noun. (US) an alcopop resembling lemonade
HARD LINE, noun. A firm stance or policy on which one will not compromise
HARD LINES, interjection. (idiomatic) (dated) Expressed to someone suffering misfortune.
HARD LIQUOR, noun. A distilled beverage with a high alcohol content, such as brandy, whiskey, or vodka.
HARD LUCK, interjection. Expressed to someone suffering misfortune.
HARD MAPLE, noun. The sugar maple, Acer saccharum.
HARD MATTE, adjective. (cinematography) With the top and bottom of the film frame masked off in camera, as opposed to soft matte.
HARD MEASLES, noun. Measles, rubeola.
HARD MONEY, noun. (economics) Money backed by specie and easily convertible into foreign currencies.
HARD MULTUM, noun. A preparation made from Cocculus indicus, etc., used to impart an intoxicating quality to beer.
HARD MUTATION, noun. A type of pronunciation change required when speaking certain Celtic languages.
HARD NEWS, noun. (publishing) (broadcasting) Factual reportage of events which are socially or politically significant and of a serious nature, as opposed to the reporting of entertaining, humorous, or gossipy accounts of relatively inconsequential events.
HARD NUT TO CRACK, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see hard,‎ nut,‎ crack.
HARD NUT TO CRACK, noun. (idiomatic) A problem that is challenging to solve.
HARD NUT TO CRACK, noun. (idiomatic) (by extension) A situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with.
HARD NUT TO CRACK, noun. (idiomatic) A place, opportunity, etc. to which it is difficult to gain entry.
HARD NUT TO CRACK, noun. (idiomatic) An amount that is difficult to finance.
HARD NUTS TO CRACK, noun. Plural of hard nut to crack
HARD OF HEARING, adjective. (idiomatic) Having difficulty hearing; somewhat deaf.
HARD OF THINKING, adjective. (humorous) (derogatory) Having difficulty in thinking; stupid.
HARD ON, noun. Alternative form of hard-on
HARD ON THE EYES, adjective. (idiomatic) ugly
HARD ONS, noun. Plural of hard on
HARD PALATE, noun. A thin horizontal bony plate of the skull, located in the roof of the mouth.
HARD PALATES, noun. Plural of hard palate
HARD PILL TO SWALLOW, noun. (idiomatic) Something that is difficult to accept.
HARD PUT, adjective. To be in a situation that is difficult to resolve.
HARD REDIRECT, noun. (Internet) An automatic redirect
HARD RESET, noun. Factory reset
HARD RESETS, noun. Plural of hard reset
HARD ROCK, noun. (music genre) A rock music genre marked by a heavy regular beat, high amplification, and usually frenzied performances
HARD ROE, noun. Roe (eggs of fish)
HARD ROW TO HOE, noun. Alternative form of long row to hoe
HARD SAUCE, noun. A rich sweet dessert sauce for puddings, made by creaming or beating butter and sugar with rum, brandy, whiskey, sherry, vanilla, or other flavourings.
HARD SAUCES, noun. Plural of hard sauce
HARD SCIENCE, noun. (informal) The natural and physical sciences that use the scientific method and experiments to test theories. Examples include mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and geology.
HARD SCIENCE FICTION, noun. (science fiction) A subgenre of science fiction that focuses on technical detail and scientific accuracy.
HARD SCIENCES, noun. Plural of hard science
HARD SELL, noun. A sales technique of pressuring the potential buyer to agree to a purchase.
HARD SELL, noun. A sales transaction which is challenging for the sales person to make; any act or object of persuasion which is challenging.
HARD SHOULDER, noun. A verge to the side of a highway, which should be used only in case of an emergency (especially on a motorway)
HARD SHOULDERS, noun. Plural of hard shoulder
HARD SIGN, noun. The Cyrillic letter Ъ/ъ, which in modern languages serves to denote a hard (non-palatalized) consonant.
HARD SIGNS, noun. Plural of hard sign
HARD SKILL, noun. A technical skill, not one that is interpersonal.
HARD SLEDDING, noun. Difficulties, generally; a rough time.
HARD SPACE, noun. Non-breaking space
HARD SPACES, noun. Plural of hard space
HARD START, noun. An explosion in a rocket engine during startup, usually due to the presence of too much propellant prior to ignition.
HARD STEEL, noun. Steel hardened by the addition of other elements, such as manganese, phosphorus, or (usually) carbon.
HARD STOP, noun. A mechanical device that limits the travel of a mechanism.
HARD TACK, noun. Alternative form of hardtack
HARD TICK, noun. Any tick that is a member of a species in the family Ixodidae, differing from the so-called soft ticks in several respects, in particular in that they bear a defensive hard shield (or scutum) on the body
HARD TICKS, noun. Plural of hard tick
HARD TIME, noun. Difficulties; a difficult time; trouble.
HARD UP, adverb. (colloquial) Lacking money, impecunious, in financial difficulties.
HARD UP, adverb. (colloquial) Lacking anything.
HARD UP, adverb. (colloquial) Desperate.
HARD WATER, noun. (chemistry) Water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium, making it difficult to lather with soap.
HARD WHEAT, noun. Varieties of wheat with hard grains of a higher protein content, used in the production of bread flour and pasta; durum wheat.
HARD WIRED, adjective. Alternative spelling of hardwired
HARD YAKKA, noun. (Australia) (colloquial) hard work
HARD YARDS, adjective. (idiomatic) The key effort in completing a difficult task

Dictionary definition

HARD, adverb. With effort or force or vigor; "the team played hard"; "worked hard all day"; "pressed hard on the lever"; "hit the ball hard"; "slammed the door hard".
HARD, adverb. With firmness; "held hard to the railing".
HARD, adverb. Earnestly or intently; "thought hard about it"; "stared hard at the accused".
HARD, adverb. Causing great damage or hardship; "industries hit hard by the depression"; "she was severely affected by the bank's failure".
HARD, adverb. Slowly and with difficulty; "prejudices die hard".
HARD, adverb. Indulging excessively; "he drank heavily".
HARD, adverb. Into a solid condition; "concrete that sets hard within a few hours".
HARD, adverb. Very near or close in space or time; "it stands hard by the railroad tracks"; "they were hard on his heels"; "a strike followed hard upon the plant's opening".
HARD, adverb. With pain or distress or bitterness; "he took the rejection very hard".
HARD, adverb. To the full extent possible; all the way; "hard alee"; "the ship went hard astern"; "swung the wheel hard left".
HARD, adjective. Not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure; "a difficult task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?".
HARD, adjective. Dispassionate; "took a hard look"; "a hard bargainer";.
HARD, adjective. Resisting weight or pressure.
HARD, adjective. Very strong or vigorous; "strong winds"; "a hard left to the chin"; "a knockout punch"; "a severe blow".
HARD, adjective. Characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort; "worked their arduous way up the mining valley"; "a grueling campaign"; "hard labor"; "heavy work"; "heavy going"; "spent many laborious hours on the project"; "set a punishing pace".
HARD, adjective. Produced without vibration of the vocal cords; "unvoiced consonants such as `p' and `k' and `s'".
HARD, adjective. (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source.
HARD, adjective. (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum; "Russian distinguished between hard consonants and palatalized or soft consonants".
HARD, adjective. Given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors; "a hard drinker".
HARD, adjective. Being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content; "hard liquor".
HARD, adjective. Unfortunate or hard to bear; "had hard luck"; "a tough break".
HARD, adjective. Dried out; "hard dry rolls left over from the day before".

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