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ELUSIVE, adjective. Evading capture, comprehension or remembrance.
ELUSIVE, adjective. Rarely seen.
ELUSIVE, adjective. (Can we clean up([1]) this sense?) Difficult to describe.

Dictionary definition

ELUSIVE, adjective. Difficult to describe; "a haunting elusive odor".
ELUSIVE, adjective. Skillful at eluding capture; "a cabal of conspirators, each more elusive than the archterrorist"- David Kline.
ELUSIVE, adjective. Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze; "his whole attitude had undergone a subtle change"; "a subtle difference"; "that elusive thing the soul".
ELUSIVE, adjective. Making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe; "a baffling problem"; "I faced the knotty problem of what to have for breakfast"; "a problematic situation at home".

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