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CITY, noun. A large settlement, bigger than a town.
CITY, noun. (Australia) The central business district; downtown.
CITY, proper noun. (UK) A popular shortened form of the City of London, the historic core of London where the Roman settlement of Londinium was established.
CITY, proper noun. (UK) A metonym for the United Kingdom's financial industries, which are principally based in the City of London.
CITY, proper noun. A popular name (not always capitalized) for any of several other cities in metropolitan areas (such as San Francisco).
CITY, proper noun. (soccer) A nickname for Manchester City Football Club, an English football club.
CITY ADMINISTRATOR, noun. A person hired by a city to oversee the day-to-day management of city business.
CITY ADMINISTRATORS, noun. Plural of city administrator
CITY BANKER, noun. (British) A banker, stockbroker or other financial worker in the City.
CITY BANKER, noun. (British) (rhyming slang) (pejorative) A wanker.
CITY BANKERS, noun. Plural of city banker
CITY BLOCK, noun. The smallest part of a town enclosed by streets.
CITY BLOCK, noun. The distance from one urban street to the next, or an approximately comparable distance.
CITY BLOCKS, noun. Plural of city block
CITY BOY, noun. A male inhabitant of a city, or one who prefers city life
CITY BOY, noun. (British) A man who works in the financial sector (often capitalised).
CITY BOYS, noun. Plural of city boy
CITY BREAK, noun. A trip into a city, taken for pleasure.
CITY CENTER, noun. The central business area of a city.
CITY COUNCIL, noun. A governing body of people elected to oversee management of a city and represent the interests of residents.
CITY COUNCILS, noun. Plural of city council
CITY FATHER, noun. A senior municipal official, especially elected officials such as a mayor, a controller, or a municipal legislator.
CITY FATHERS, noun. Plural of city father
CITY GIRL, noun. A female inhabitant of a city, or one who prefers city life
CITY GIRLS, noun. Plural of city girl
CITY HALL, noun. The building that houses a city's government.
CITY HALL, noun. (figuratively) The city government; government in general.
CITY HALLS, noun. Plural of city hall
CITY OF LIGHT, proper noun. A nickname for the city of Paris.
CITY OF LONDON, proper noun. Area in London, England containing the financial district, usually abbreviated to the City.
CITY OF LONDON, proper noun. The site of the original Roman Londinium
CITY SLICKER, noun. (idiomatic) One accustomed to a city or urban lifestyle or unsuited to life in the country.
CITY SLICKERS, noun. Plural of city slicker
CITY STATE, noun. A sovereign city, as in Ancient Greece, often part of a federation of such cities.
CITY STATES, noun. Plural of city state
CITY SYMPHONY, noun. A member of a genre of documentary films from the 1920s and 1930s featuring scenes of city life.
CITY TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, noun. (UK) A state-funded all-ability secondary school that charges no fees but is independent of local authority control, being overseen directly by the Department for Education. They mainly specialise in science and technology.
CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS, proper noun. (With the) New York City
CITY TITTY, noun. (informal) A raised pavement marker.

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CITY, noun. A large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts; "Ancient Troy was a great city".
CITY, noun. An incorporated administrative district established by state charter; "the city raised the tax rate".
CITY, noun. People living in a large densely populated municipality; "the city voted for Republicans in 1994".

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