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NURSERY, noun. (obsolete) The act of nursing.
NURSERY, noun. (heading) A place where nursing is carried on.
NURSERY, noun. A room or area in a household set apart for the care of children; specifically in European countries.
NURSERY, noun. A place where young trees, shrubs, vines, etc., are cultivated for transplanting; a plantation of young trees.
NURSERY, noun. The place where anything is fostered and growth promoted.
NURSERY, noun. A nursery school.
NURSERY, noun. That which forms and educates.
NURSERY, noun. (rare) That which is nursed.
NURSERY PUDDING, noun. (archaic) bread and butter pudding
NURSERY PUDDINGS, noun. Plural of nursery pudding
NURSERY RHYME, noun. A short poem or song for children, mostly anonymous or handed down by folklore
NURSERY RHYMES, noun. Plural of nursery rhyme
NURSERY SCHOOL, noun. A school where pre-school children play and learn at the same time.
NURSERY SCHOOLS, noun. Plural of nursery school
NURSERY WEB SPIDER, noun. Any spider, from the family Pisauridae, that builds a "tent" in which the eggs are hatched.
NURSERY WEB SPIDERS, noun. Plural of nursery web spider

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NURSERY, noun. A child's room for a baby.
NURSERY, noun. A building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions.

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