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SACRIFICIAL, adjective. Relating to sacrifice
SACRIFICIAL, adjective. Used as a sacrifice.
SACRIFICIAL ANODE, noun. (industry) A piece of corrodible metal, attached to a metallic surface to be protected, that is preferentially consumed by electrolytic action
SACRIFICIAL ANODES, noun. Plural of sacrificial anode
SACRIFICIAL LAMB, noun. A lamb killed as an offering to the gods
SACRIFICIAL LAMB, noun. (by extension) A person who is sacrificed (not literally) for the greater good of some cause
SACRIFICIAL LAMBS, noun. Plural of sacrificial lamb
SACRIFICIAL POET, noun. In poetry slams, a poet who goes first and gets scored by the judges, but is not actually in the competition.
SACRIFICIAL POET, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see sacrificial,‎ poet.

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SACRIFICIAL, adjective. Used in or connected with a sacrifice; "sacrificial lamb".

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