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DAB, verb. (transitive) To press lightly in a repetitive motion with a soft object without rubbing.
DAB, verb. (transitive) To apply a substance in this way.
DAB, verb. To strike by a thrust; to hit with a sudden blow or thrust.
DAB, verb. To apply hash oil to a heated surface for the purpose of efficient combustion.
DAB, noun. A soft tap or blow; a blow or peck from a bird's beak; an aimed blow.
DAB, noun. (AAVE) A soft, playful box given in greeting or approval.
DAB, noun. A small amount, a blob of some soft or wet substance.
DAB, noun. (chiefly in the plural) (dated) (British) Fingerprint.
DAB, noun. A small amount of hash oil.
DAB, adverb. With a dab, or sudden contact.
DAB, noun. One skilful or proficient; an expert; an adept.
DAB, noun. A small flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae, especially Limanda limanda; a flounder.
DAB, noun. (US) A sand dab, a small flatfish of genus Citharichthys.
DAB HAND, noun. (British) An expert; a very skilled person.
DAB HANDS, noun. Plural of dab hand

Dictionary definition

DAB, noun. A light touch or stroke.
DAB, noun. A small quantity of something moist or liquid; "a dab of paint"; "a splatter of mud"; "just a splash of whiskey".
DAB, verb. Apply (usually a liquid) to a surface; "dab the wall with paint".
DAB, verb. Hit lightly; "pat him on the shoulder".

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