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GAFF, noun. A tool consisting of a large metal hook with a handle or pole, especially the one used to pull large fish aboard a boat.
GAFF, noun. A minor error or faux pas, a gaffe.
GAFF, noun. A trick or con.
GAFF, noun. (British) (Irish) (slang) A place of residence.
GAFF, noun. (nautical) The upper spar used to control a gaff-rigged sail.
GAFF, noun. A garment worn to hide the genitals by some trans people.
GAFF, verb. To use a gaff, especially to land a fish.
GAFF, verb. To cheat or hoax
GAFF, noun. Rough or harsh treatment; criticism
GAFF RIG, noun. (nautical) a sailing rig that has a fore-and-aft sail supported by a spar called a gaff
GAFF RIGS, noun. Plural of gaff rig

Dictionary definition

GAFF, noun. A sharp metal spike or spur that is fastened to the leg of a gamecock.
GAFF, noun. A spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail.
GAFF, noun. An iron hook with a handle; used for landing large fish.

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