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BAREFOOT, adjective. Wearing nothing on the feet.
BAREFOOT, adjective. (colloquial) (of a vehicle on an icy road) not using snow chains.
BAREFOOT, adverb. Wearing nothing on the feet.
BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT, adjective. (derogatory) (of women) Kept at home to perform the traditional duties expected of women.
BAREFOOT DOCTOR, noun. A farmer or rural resident with basic medical training who worked as a doctor in rural areas of the People's Republic of China from the mid-1960s until the 1980s, generally under a government-sponsored program.
BAREFOOT DOCTORS, noun. Plural of barefoot doctor

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BAREFOOT, adverb. Without shoes on; "he chased her barefoot across the meadow".
BAREFOOT, adjective. Without shoes; "the barefoot boy"; "shoeless Joe Jackson".

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