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NORWAY, proper noun. One of the Scandinavian countries. Official name: Kingdom of Norway (Kongeriket Norge in Bokmål and Kongeriket Noreg in Nynorsk).
NORWAY, proper noun. A CDP in Indiana
NORWAY, proper noun. A city in Iowa
NORWAY, proper noun. A town in Maine
NORWAY, proper noun. A city in Michigan
NORWAY, proper noun. A town in New York
NORWAY, proper noun. A settlement in Prince Edward Island, Canada
NORWAY, proper noun. A town in South Carolina
NORWAY, proper noun. A town in Wisconsin
NORWAY LEMMING, noun. A species of lemming, Lemmus lemmus, endemic of Northern Scandinavia and North Russia.
NORWAY LEMMINGS, noun. Plural of Norway lemming
NORWAY LOBSTER, noun. A small European lobster of the species Nephrops norvegicus
NORWAY MAPLE, noun. Acer platanoides
NORWAY PINE, noun. Pinus resinosa, the state tree of Minnesota, native to North America from Minnesota, Wisconsin and western Ontario east.
NORWAY RAT, noun. Alternative term for brown rat
NORWAY RATS, noun. Plural of Norway rat
NORWAY SPRUCE, noun. A species of spruce native to Europe and naturalized in temperate northeastern North America, Picea abies.

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NORWAY, noun. A constitutional monarchy in northern Europe on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula; achieved independence from Sweden in 1905.

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