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VAGINAL, adjective. Of, relating to, or affecting the vagina.
VAGINAL BIRTH, noun. Birth via the vagina (as opposed to by caesarean section).
VAGINAL BIRTHS, noun. Plural of vaginal birth
VAGINAL FLATULENCE, noun. (slang) (mildly vulgar) A noisy emission or expulsion of air from the vagina.
VAGINAL FLUID, noun. (medicine) Any liquid discharge from a vagina.
VAGINAL RING, noun. A contraception device consisting of a flexible ring held in the vagina which provides a controlled release of drugs.
VAGINAL SEX, noun. Sexual intercourse in which the penis is inserted into the vagina.
VAGINAL VAULT, noun. (anatomy) The expanded region of the vaginal canal at the internal end of the vagina.
VAGINAL VAULTS, noun. Plural of vaginal vault

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VAGINAL, adjective. Of or relating to the vagina; "vaginal suppository".

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