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SHIFTING, verb. Present participle of shift
SHIFTING, noun. A shift or change; a shifting movement.
SHIFTING EXECUTORY INTEREST, noun. (legal) A third party interest in an estate in land created by the conditions of a grant wherein the grantor gives the land to a second party, but with the occurrence of a condition divesting the second party of the land in favor of the third party.
SHIFTING EXECUTORY INTERESTS, noun. Plural of shifting executory interest

Dictionary definition

SHIFTING, noun. The act of moving from one place to another; "his constant shifting disrupted the class".
SHIFTING, adjective. Continuously varying; "taffeta with shifting colors".
SHIFTING, adjective. Changing position or direction; "he drifted into the shifting crowd"; "their nervous shifting glances"; "shifty winds".
SHIFTING, adjective. (of soil) unstable; "shifting sands"; "unfirm earth".

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