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EMPHASIS, noun. Special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important.
EMPHASIS, noun. Special attention or prominence given to something.
EMPHASIS, noun. Prominence given to a syllable or words, by raising the voice or printing in italic or underlined type.
EMPHASIS, noun. (typography) Related to bold.

Dictionary definition

EMPHASIS, noun. Special importance or significance; "the red light gave the central figure increased emphasis"; "the room was decorated in shades of grey with distinctive red accents".
EMPHASIS, noun. Intensity or forcefulness of expression; "the vehemence of his denial"; "his emphasis on civil rights".
EMPHASIS, noun. Special and significant stress by means of position or repetition e.g..
EMPHASIS, noun. The relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch); "he put the stress on the wrong syllable".

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