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REFLECTING, verb. Present participle of reflect
REFLECTING, noun. An instance of reflecting
REFLECTING, adjective. That reflects.
REFLECTING, adjective. That utilizes reflection.
REFLECTING CIRCLE, noun. An astronomical instrument for measuring angles, like the sextant or Hadley's quadrant, by the reflection of light from two plane mirrors which it carries, and differing from the sextant chiefly in having an entire circle.
REFLECTING CIRCLES, noun. Plural of reflecting circle
REFLECTING MICROSCOPE, noun. A microscope whose objective is composed of two mirrors, one convex and the other concave; it is free of chromatic aberration
REFLECTING TELESCOPE, noun. A telescope which produces a magnified image by reflecting light through a series of mirrors housed in a tube, using a large curved mirror to gather the light and one or more additional mirrors to transmit the light to an eyepiece.
REFLECTING TELESCOPES, noun. Plural of reflecting telescope

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REFLECTING, adjective. Causing reflection or having a device that reflects; "a reflecting microscope".

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