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INTERPRET, verb. To explain or tell the meaning of; to expound; to translate orally into intelligible or familiar language or terms; to decipher; to define; -- applied especially to language, but also to dreams, signs, conduct, mysteries, etc.; as, to interpret the Hebrew language to an Englishman; to interpret an Indian speech.
INTERPRET, verb. To apprehend and represent by means of art; to show by illustrative representation; as, an actor interprets the character of Hamlet; a musician interprets a sonata; an artist interprets a landscape.
INTERPRET, verb. (intransitive) To act as an interpreter.

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INTERPRET, verb. Make sense of; assign a meaning to; "What message do you see in this letter?"; "How do you interpret his behavior?".
INTERPRET, verb. Give an interpretation or explanation to.
INTERPRET, verb. Give an interpretation or rendition of; "The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully".
INTERPRET, verb. Create an image or likeness of; "The painter represented his wife as a young girl".
INTERPRET, verb. Restate (words) from one language into another language; "I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S."; "Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?"; "She rendered the French poem into English"; "He translates for the U.N.".
INTERPRET, verb. Make sense of a language; "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?".

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