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GALAXY, noun. (now rare) The Milky Way; the apparent band of concentrated stars which appears in the night sky over earth. [from 14th c.]
GALAXY, noun. (galaxy) Any of the collections of many millions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc. existing as independent and coherent systems, of which there are billions in the known universe. [from 19th c.]
GALAXY, proper noun. (astronomy) (dated) the Milky Way Galaxy, from when it was thought the Universe (our universe) had only one galaxy
GALAXY CLUSTER, noun. (astronomy) A cluster of hundreds of galaxies.
GALAXY CLUSTERS, noun. Plural of galaxy cluster
GALAXY FILAMENT, noun. (cosmology) A massive, thread-like formation of gravitationally bound galaxies forming the boundaries between large voids in the universe.
GALAXY FILAMENTS, noun. Plural of galaxy filament
GALAXY GROUP, noun. (astronomy) A group of galaxies that hold together gravitationally.
GALAXY GROUPS, noun. Plural of galaxy group

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GALAXY, noun. A splendid assemblage (especially of famous people).
GALAXY, noun. Tufted evergreen perennial herb having spikes of tiny white flowers and glossy green round to heart-shaped leaves that become coppery to maroon or purplish in fall.
GALAXY, noun. (astronomy) a collection of star systems; any of the billions of systems each having many stars and nebulae and dust; "`extragalactic nebula' is a former name for `galaxy'".

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