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DOMINATE, verb. To govern, rule or control by superior authority or power
DOMINATE, verb. To exert an overwhelming guiding influence over something or someone
DOMINATE, verb. To enjoy a commanding position in some field
DOMINATE, verb. To overlook from a height

Dictionary definition

DOMINATE, verb. Be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance; "Money reigns supreme here"; "Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood".
DOMINATE, verb. Be in control; "Her husband completely dominates her".
DOMINATE, verb. Have dominance or the power to defeat over; "Her pain completely mastered her"; "The methods can master the problems".
DOMINATE, verb. Be greater in significance than; "the tragedy overshadowed the couple's happiness".
DOMINATE, verb. Look down on; "The villa dominates the town".

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