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RACKING, noun. (roofing) A method of asphalt shingle application, whereby shingle courses are applied vertically, up the roof rather than laterally across and up.
RACKING, noun. (nautical) spun yarn used in racking ropes
RACKING, noun. (brewing) The process of clarifying, and thereby deterring further fermentation of, beer, wine or cider by draining or siphoning it from the dregs.
RACKING, verb. Present participle of rack
RACKING BEND, noun. A type of bend knot used to join the ends of two lines or ropes of very different thicknesses.
RACKING BENDS, noun. Plural of racking bend
RACKING OFF, verb. Present participle of rack off

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RACKING, adjective. Causing great physical or mental suffering; "a wrenching pain".

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