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FACTORIAL, noun. (mathematics) (combinatorics) The result of multiplying a given number of consecutive integers from 1 to the given number. In equations, it is symbolized by an exclamation mark (!). For example, 5! = 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 = 120.
FACTORIAL, adjective. (mathematics) Of or pertaining to a factor or factorial.
FACTORIAL, adjective. Of or pertaining to a factor.
FACTORIAL, adjective. (dated) Of or pertaining to a factory.
FACTORIAL EXPERIMENT, noun. An experiment in which all combinations of multiple parameters or variables are each tested
FACTORIAL PRIME, noun. (mathematics) A prime number that is one more or one less than a factorial. For example, 7 is a factorial prime, since 3! + 1 = 7.
FACTORIAL PRIMES, noun. Plural of factorial prime
FACTORIAL TABLE, noun. (statistics) A tabular presentation of data used to show the influence of two independent categorical variables on a dependent variable.
FACTORIAL TABLE, noun. (statistics) An arrangement of data showing the effect of more than two categorical variables on a dependent variables.
FACTORIAL TABLE, noun. (statistics) A cross tabulation.
FACTORIAL TABLES, noun. Plural of factorial table

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FACTORIAL, noun. The product of all the integers up to and including a given integer; "1, 2, 6, 24, and 120 are factorials".
FACTORIAL, adjective. Of or relating to factorials.

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