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YIELDING, verb. Present participle of yield
YIELDING, adjective. Docile, or inclined to give way to pressure.
YIELDING, noun. A concession.
YIELDING PARRY, noun. (fencing) deflecting the incoming attack by maintaining contact with the blade and changing the point of contact between the blades, moving from a position of poor leverage to one using the forte for strong leverage
YIELDING UP, verb. Present participle of yield up

Dictionary definition

YIELDING, noun. A verbal act of admitting defeat.
YIELDING, noun. The act of conceding or yielding.
YIELDING, adjective. Inclined to yield to argument or influence or control; "a timid yielding person".
YIELDING, adjective. Lacking stiffness and giving way to pressure; "a deep yielding layer of foam rubber".
YIELDING, adjective. Tending to give in or surrender or agree; "too yielding to make a stand against any encroachments"- V.I.Parrington.

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