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CONSENT, verb. (intransitive) To express willingness, to give permission.
CONSENT, verb. (transitive) (medicine) To cause to sign a consent form.
CONSENT, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To grant; to allow; to assent to.
CONSENT, verb. To agree in opinion or sentiment; to be of the same mind; to accord; to concur.
CONSENT, noun. Voluntary agreement or permission.
CONSENT DECREE, noun. (legal) A decree of a court giving effect to an agreement between the litigating parties.
CONSENT DECREES, noun. Plural of consent decree
CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, noun. (government) (political science) (philosophy) A political theory in which a government or set of governments could only be deemed legitimate if it is supported by the people under which it exercises its political influence.
CONSENT SEARCH, noun. A warrantless search made by United States law enforcement personnel based on the consent of the individual whose person or property is being searched
CONSENT SEARCHES, noun. Plural of consent search

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CONSENT, noun. Permission to do something; "he indicated his consent".
CONSENT, verb. Give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; "I cannot accept your invitation"; "I go for this resolution".

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