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COMPEL, verb. (transitive) (archaic) (literally) To drive together, round up
COMPEL, verb. (transitive) To overpower; to subdue.
COMPEL, verb. (transitive) To force, constrain or coerce.
COMPEL, verb. (transitive) To exact, extort, (make) produce by force.
COMPEL, verb. (obsolete) To force to yield; to overpower; to subjugate.
COMPEL, verb. (obsolete) To gather or unite in a crowd or company.
COMPEL, verb. (obsolete) To call forth; to summon.
COMPEL TESTIMONY, verb. (legal) To officially require that a witness appear and testify before a court of law or other public authority, under threat of legally enforceable penalties for failure to do so.

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COMPEL, verb. Force somebody to do something; "We compel all students to fill out this form".
COMPEL, verb. Necessitate or exact; "the water shortage compels conservation".

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