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PADDOCK, noun. (archaic except in dialects) A frog or toad.
PADDOCK, noun. A small enclosure or field of grassland, especially for horses.
PADDOCK, noun. (Australia) (New Zealand) A field of grassland of any size, especially for keeping sheep or cattle.
PADDOCK, noun. An area where horses are paraded and mounted before a race and unsaddled after a race.
PADDOCK, noun. Land, fenced or otherwise delimited, which is most often part of a sheep or cattle property.
PADDOCK, noun. (motor racing) An area at circuit where the racing vehicles are parked and worked on before and between races.
PADDOCK, verb. To provide with a paddock. To keep in, or place in, a paddock.

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PADDOCK, noun. Pen where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race.

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