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GODDAMN, interjection. (vulgar) (slang) An expression of anger, surprise, or frustration.
GODDAMN, adjective. (pejorative) Damned by God.
GODDAMN, adjective. (vulgar) (offensive) Used as an intensifier.

Dictionary definition

GODDAMN, adverb. Extremely; "you are goddamn right!".
GODDAMN, adjective. Used as expletives; "oh, damn (or goddamn)!".
GODDAMN, adjective. Expletives used informally as intensifiers; "he's a blasted idiot"; "it's a blamed shame"; "a blame cold winter"; "not a blessed dime"; "I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing"; "he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool"; "a deuced idiot"; "an infernal nuisance".

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