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FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) (often obscene) To have sexual intercourse, to copulate.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) (often obscene) To insert one’s penis, a dildo or other phallic object, into a specified orifice or cleft.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) To put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) (usually followed by “up”) To break; to destroy.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) To defraud or otherwise treat badly.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) To play with; to tinker.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) (often derogatory) Used to express great displeasure with someone or something.
FUCK, verb. (vulgar) (colloquial) (often offensive) To lose care for, to forget, to disregard, to no longer regard as important.
FUCK, noun. (vulgar) (colloquial) An act of sexual intercourse.
FUCK, noun. (vulgar) (colloquial) A sexual partner, especially a casual one.
FUCK, noun. (vulgar) (colloquial) A highly contemptible person.
FUCK, noun. A thing of no value, a small amount.
FUCK, interjection. (vulgar) (colloquial) Expressing dismay or discontent.
FUCK, adverb. Used as an intensifier for the words "yes" and "no".
FUCK A DUCK, interjection. Alternative form of fuckaduck
FUCK ABOUT, verb. (vulgar) (slang) To waste time with unimportant activities, often used as an admonition to urge the other party to stop wasting time.
FUCK ABOUT, verb. (markedly vulgar) (slang) (intransitive) To fool around.
FUCK ALL, pronoun. (idiomatic) (vulgar) Nothing at all or very little.
FUCK AROUND, verb. (slang) (taboo) To fritter aimlessly or distractedly, to procrastinate.
FUCK AROUND, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To fool around.
FUCK AROUND, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To have sex with many partners.
FUCK AROUND, verb. (slang) (vulgar) To horseplay, joke around, behave immaturely or irresponsibly
FUCK BOY, noun. (prison) (slang) A prisoner who provides sexual favors to a stronger inmate, either as the result of rape or in return for protection and gifts.
FUCK BOY, noun. A weak and contemptible man who can't do anything right.
FUCK BOYS, noun. Plural of fuck boy
FUCK BUDDIES, noun. Plural of fuck buddy
FUCK BUDDY, noun. (vulgar) (slang) A sex partner with whom one has sex, without any emotional attachment (no strings attached).
FUCK BUNNY, noun. (slang) (vulgar) a young woman who enthusiastically enjoys sex
FUCK FACE, noun. (vulgar) (slang) One's facial expression during orgasm.
FUCK FACES, noun. Plural of fuck face
FUCK FINGER, noun. (vulgar) (slang) The middle finger
FUCK FLU, noun. (slang) (vulgar) HIV seroconversion flu.
FUCK IT, interjection. (vulgar) (idiomatic) An expression of great indifference or nonchalance.
FUCK IT, interjection. (vulgar) (idiomatic) An expression of frustration.
FUCK JUICE, noun. (slang) (vulgar) Any fluid produced as part of sexual intercourse, such as semen.
FUCK JUICES, noun. Plural of fuck juice
FUCK KNUCKLE, noun. Alternative spelling of fuck-knuckle
FUCK KNUCKLES, noun. Plural of fuck knuckle
FUCK LIKE A MINK, verb. (simile) (vulgar) To be extremely amorous while copulating
FUCK LIKE RABBITS, verb. (vulgar) (simile) To have copious amounts of sex.
FUCK ME, interjection. (vulgar) (slang) An expression of surprise.
FUCK ME, interjection. Used other than as an idiom: see fuck,‎ me.
FUCK ME BACKWARDS, interjection. Emphatic form of fuck me (used for surprise).
FUCK NUGGET, noun. (slang) (vulgar) (derogatory) An objectionable person.
FUCK NUGGETS, noun. Plural of fuck nugget
FUCK OFF, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) (extremely vulgar) (dismissal) To go to hell, to disappear, go away or to screw oneself.
FUCK OFF, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) (vulgar) (transitive) To annoy, irritate.
FUCK OFF, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) (vulgar) To fritter; to fuck around.
FUCK OFF, verb. (idiomatic) (intransitive) (vulgar) To die or leave unexpectedly.
FUCK OFF, verb. Used other than as an idiom: see fuck,‎ off.
FUCK OFF, interjection. (vulgar) (slang) Go away! Get lost!
FUCK OFF, interjection. (vulgar) (slang) Expression of disagreement or disbelief.
FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL, interjection. (AU) (offensive) an anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment with racist overtones
FUCK OVER, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) (vulgar) To cheat or treat unfairly.
FUCK ROUND, verb. Alternative form of fuck around
FUCK SOMEONE OVER, verb. (idiomatic) (vulgar) to exploit somebody in a way which results in an advantage to oneself, at the cost of the other party gaining a considerable disadvantage.
FUCK SOMEONE UP, verb. (vulgar) To cause significant physical damage to someone's body (especially, in a fight)
FUCK SOMEONE UP, verb. (vulgar) To cause significant harm to someone psychologically or non-physically.
FUCK SOMEONE UP, verb. (vulgar) To cause someone to make a big mistake.
FUCK SOMEONE'S BRAINS OUT, verb. (idiomatic) To sexually penetrate (or be penetrated) in a voracious but pleasurable manner.
FUCK SORE, noun. Alternative form of fucksore
FUCK SORES, noun. Plural of fuck sore
FUCK THE DOG, verb. (vulgar) (uncommon) (Canada) To avoid work; to make it appear as if one is working.
FUCK THE DOG, verb. (vulgar) (uncommon) To make a horrible or catastrophic mistake; to screw the pooch.
FUCK TON, noun. Alternative spelling of fuckton
FUCK TONS, noun. Plural of fuck ton
FUCK TOY, noun. Alternative form of fucktoy
FUCK TOYS, noun. Plural of fuck toy
FUCK TROPHIES, noun. Plural of fuck trophy
FUCK TROPHY, noun. (slang) (vulgar) (derogatory) A child.
FUCK TRUCK, noun. (vulgar), a van fitted out with a mattress in the back.
FUCK TRUCKS, noun. Plural of fuck truck
FUCK UP, noun. (vulgar) An incompetent individual; one who errs frequently.
FUCK UP, noun. (vulgar) A severe mistake.
FUCK UP, verb. (intransitive) (slang) (mildly vulgar) to make a mistake, to go wrong
FUCK UP, verb. (transitive) (vulgar) to botch or make a mess of
FUCK UP, verb. (transitive) (vulgar) to injure or damage
FUCK UP, verb. (used only in imperative) (vulgar) short for shut the fuck up.
FUCK UPS, noun. Plural of fuck up
FUCK WITH, verb. (vulgar) (slang) (idiomatic) To mess with; to interact with in a careless or inappropriate way.
FUCK YEAH, interjection. (slang) (vulgar) An exclamation used to express agreement, joy, satisfaction, etc.
FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, interjection. (vulgar) An ungrateful and dismissive remark.

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FUCK, noun. Slang for sexual intercourse.
FUCK, verb. Have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?".

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