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HEY, interjection. An exclamation to get attention.
HEY, interjection. A protest or reprimand.
HEY, interjection. An expression of surprise.
HEY, interjection. (US) (Australia) (UK) (Canada) An informal greeting, similar to hi.
HEY, interjection. A request for repetition or explanation; an expression of confusion (see also eh, huh).
HEY, interjection. A meaningless beat marker or extra, filler syllable in song lyrics.
HEY, noun. (country dancing) A choreographic figure in which the dancers weave between one another.
HEY HO, interjection. Oh well; a usually light-hearted dismissal or acceptance of a troublesome situation
HEY PRESTO, interjection. (British) Used by stage magicians, when waving a "magic wand" and performing a trick.
HEY PRESTO, interjection. (British) (colloquial) Indicates a sudden desirable conclusion or change, as if by magic; ta-da; voilà.
HEY RUBE, interjection. A call to rally circus members in a fight.
HEY RUBE, noun. A fight between members of a circus and the general public.
HEY RUBE, noun. (by extension) Any fight or conflict, especially a rowdy and informal one.
HEY RUBE, noun. Alternative letter-case form of hey rube
HEY UP, interjection. (informal) (dialect) (Northern English) A greeting.
HEY UP, interjection. Used to get attention, or as a warning.

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