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MISTER, noun. Title conferred on an adult male, usually when the name is unknown. Also (often parent to young child) referring to a man whose name is unknown.
MISTER, verb. (transitive) To address by the title of "mister".
MISTER, noun. (obsolete) Someone's business or function; an occupation, employment, trade.
MISTER, noun. (now rare) (dialectal) A kind, type of.
MISTER, noun. (obsolete) Need (of something).
MISTER, noun. (obsolete) Necessity; the necessary time.
MISTER, verb. (obsolete) (impersonal) To be necessary; to matter.
MISTER, noun. A device that makes or sprays mist.
MISTER, noun. General title or respect of an adult male.
MISTER, noun. Official title of a military man, usually anyone below rank of captain.
MISTER, noun. Official form of address of a president of a nation; Mister President.
MISTER, noun. Formal address to any official of an organization; Mister Secretary, Mister Treasurer, Mister Attorney, Mister Justice.
MISTER, noun. A warrant officer or cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point.
MISTER, noun. An informal title used before a nickname or other moniker:
MISTER BIG, noun. Alternative form of Mr. Big
MISTER BIGS, noun. Plural of Mister Big
MISTER IRRELEVANT, noun. Alternative form of Mr. Irrelevant
MISTER MAN, noun. (informal) Used to address a male, especially one whose name is not known to the speaker.
MISTER NICE GUY, noun. Alternative form of Mr. Nice Guy
MISTER NICE GUYS, noun. Plural of Mister Nice Guy
MISTER RIGHT, noun. (idiomatic) A perfect, ideal or suitable mate or husband.

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MISTER, noun. A form of address for a man.

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