Associations to the word «Jus»


JUS, noun. The juices that are a by-product of roasting meat
JUS, noun. A rich, lightly reduced stock used as a sauce for roasted meats
JUS, noun. Plural of JU
JUS ACCRESCENDI, noun. (legal) The right of survivorship. This is often applied to survivorship in joint tenancy situations.
JUS COGENS, noun. (legal) A constraining law or peremptory norm; a fundamental principle of international law considered to be accepted by all states.
JUS GENTIUM, noun. (legal) the law of nations; international law
JUS SANGUINIS, noun. The right of citizenship in a nation acquired by being born to a parent or parents with citizenship in that nation.
JUS SOLI, noun. The right of nationality or citizenship acquired by being born in said place.

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