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WADE, verb. (intransitive) to walk through water or something that impedes progress.
WADE, verb. (intransitive) to progress with difficulty
WADE, verb. (transitive) to walk through (water or similar impediment); to pass through by wading
WADE, verb. (intransitive) To enter recklessly.
WADE, noun. An act of wading
WADE, noun. Obsolete form of woad.
WADE, proper noun. A topographic surname​.
WADE, proper noun. A male given name, transferred from the surname.
WADE, proper noun. A system of romanization for the Chinese language based on 19th-century Pekingese pronunciation, worked out by Thomas Wade.
WADE IN, verb. To interrupt someone, or a situation, by doing or saying something abruptly, or forcefully, and usually without thinking about the consequences.
WADE THROUGH, verb. To do a boring, repetitive research task.

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WADE, noun. English tennis player who won many women's singles titles (born in 1945).
WADE, verb. Walk (through relatively shallow water); "Can we wade across the river to the other side?"; "Wade the pond".

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