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RUBBISH, adjective. (chiefly AU) (NZ) (British) (colloquial) Exceedingly bad; awful; terrible; crappy.
RUBBISH, interjection. (colloquial) Expresses that something is exceedingly bad, terrible or awful.
RUBBISH, interjection. Expresses that what was recently said is untruth or nonsense.
RUBBISH, noun. Garbage, junk, refuse, waste.
RUBBISH, noun. Nonsense.
RUBBISH, noun. Fragments of buildings; ruins; debris.
RUBBISH, verb. To denounce, to criticise, to denigrate, to disparage.
RUBBISH BAG, noun. (UK) (Australia) (NZ) (colloquial) A plastic bag produced for the disposal of household waste.
RUBBISH BAGS, noun. Plural of rubbish bag
RUBBISH BIN, noun. (Australian) (NZ) (British) garbage can, trash can
RUBBISH BINS, noun. Plural of rubbish bin

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RUBBISH, noun. Worthless material that is to be disposed of.
RUBBISH, noun. Nonsensical talk or writing.
RUBBISH, verb. Attack strongly.

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