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PERPETUAL, adjective. Lasting forever, or for an indefinitely long time
PERPETUAL, adjective. Set up to be in effect or have tenure for an unlimited duration
PERPETUAL, adjective. Continuing uninterrupted
PERPETUAL, adjective. Flowering throughout the growing season
PERPETUAL BETA, noun. (marketing) A marketing strategy in which a maker of computer software or hardware repeatedly launches early versions of new products as a product development feedback method
PERPETUAL BOND, noun. (finance) A bond with no maturity date, paying coupons forever.
PERPETUAL BONDS, noun. Plural of perpetual bond
PERPETUAL CHECK, noun. (chess) A draw forced by one player by putting the opponent's king in a potentially infinite series of checks.
PERPETUAL CHECKS, noun. Plural of perpetual check
PERPETUAL LICENSE, noun. A license with no expiration date.
PERPETUAL MOTION, noun. The motion of some hypothetical device that continues forever with no obvious input of energy in violation of the laws of thermodynamics.
PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE, noun. A hypothetical device that exhibits perpetual motion, especially one that does useful work with no input of energy.
PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINES, noun. Plural of perpetual motion machine

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PERPETUAL, adjective. Continuing forever or indefinitely; "the ageless themes of love and revenge"; "eternal truths"; "life everlasting"; "hell's perpetual fires"; "the unending bliss of heaven".
PERPETUAL, adjective. Uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing; "the ceaseless thunder of surf"; "in constant pain"; "night and day we live with the incessant noise of the city"; "the never-ending search for happiness"; "the perpetual struggle to maintain standards in a democracy"; "man's unceasing warfare with drought and isolation"; "unremitting demands of hunger".

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