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FOREVER, adverb. (duration) For all time, for all eternity; for a lifetime; for an infinite amount of time.
FOREVER, adverb. (duration) (colloquial) For a very long time, 'an' eternity.
FOREVER, adverb. (frequency) Constantly or frequently.
FOREVER, noun. An extremely long time.
FOREVER, noun. (colloquial) a mythical time in the infinite future that will never come.
FOREVER AFTER, adverb. Forever
FOREVER AND A DAY, adverb. For a very long or seemingly endless time.
FOREVER AND EVER, adverb. Alternative spelling of for ever and ever
FOREVER STAMP, noun. (US) A postage stamp with no indicated monetary value and indefinitely valid for a given service, e.g. a domestic first-class letter under 20 grams.

Dictionary definition

FOREVER, adverb. For a limitless time; "no one can live forever"; "brightly beams our Father's mercy from his lighthouse evermore"- P.P.Bliss.
FOREVER, adverb. For a very long or seemingly endless time; "she took forever to write the paper"; "we had to wait forever and a day".
FOREVER, adverb. Without interruption; "the world is constantly changing".

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