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HI, interjection. A friendly, informal, casual greeting said when meeting someone.
HI, interjection. An exclamation to call attention.
HI, adjective. Informal spelling of high, often hyphenated.
HI, noun. The word "hi" used as a greeting.
HI, symbol. The molecular formula for hydrogen iodide (hydriodic acid).
HI, abbreviation. Hawaii, a state of the United States of America.
HI, noun. Abbreviation of hyperspectral imaging. or Abbreviation of hyper-spectral imaging.
HI FIVE, noun. Alternative form of high five
HI THERE, interjection. An informal greeting.

Dictionary definition

HI, noun. An expression of greeting; "every morning they exchanged polite hellos".
HI, noun. A state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands.

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