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WAGGLE, verb. (transitive) To move (something) with short, quick motions; to wobble.
WAGGLE, verb. (intransitive) To reel, sway, or move from side to side; to move with a wagging motion; to waddle.
WAGGLE, noun. A wobbling motion.
WAGGLE, noun. (golf) The preliminary swinging of the club head back and forth over the ball in the line of the proposed stroke.
WAGGLE DANCE, noun. A dance in the form of a figure eight performed by the honey bee in order to communicate the direction and distance of patches of flowers, water sources, etc.
WAGGLE DANCES, noun. Plural of waggle dance

Dictionary definition

WAGGLE, noun. Causing to move repeatedly from side to side.
WAGGLE, verb. Move from side to side; "The happy dog wagged his tail".
WAGGLE, verb. Move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion.

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