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IMAGINE, verb. (transitive) To form a mental image of something; to envision or create something in one's mind.
IMAGINE, verb. (transitive) To believe in something created by one's own mind.
IMAGINE, verb. (transitive) To assume.
IMAGINE, verb. (transitive) To conjecture or guess.
IMAGINE, verb. (intransitive) To use one's imagination.
IMAGINE, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise.

Dictionary definition

IMAGINE, verb. Form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; "Can you conceive of him as the president?".
IMAGINE, verb. Expect, believe, or suppose; "I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel"; "I thought to find her in a bad state"; "he didn't think to find her in the kitchen"; "I guess she is angry at me for standing her up".

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