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BEYOND, preposition. Further away than.
BEYOND, preposition. On the far side of.
BEYOND, preposition. Later than; after.
BEYOND, preposition. Greater than; so as to exceed or surpass.
BEYOND, preposition. In addition to.
BEYOND, preposition. Past, or out of reach of.
BEYOND, adverb. Farther along or away.
BEYOND, adverb. In addition; more.
BEYOND, noun. The unknown.
BEYOND, noun. The hereafter.
BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, noun. (legal) A legal standard for deciding the outcome of a criminal charge, requiring evidence that is sufficient to eliminate any doubts that a reasonable person might entertain about whether a claim is more likely to be true than not.
BEYOND BELIEF, adjective. Unbelievable
BEYOND MEASURE, adjective. Very large; great; huge.
BEYOND MEASURE, adverb. To a great extent or degree; very.
BEYOND ONE'S KEN, prepositional phrase. (idiomatic) Beyond one’s knowledge or understanding.
BEYOND ONE'S PAY GRADE, prepositional phrase. (idiomatic) Beyond one's level of authority.
BEYOND ONE'S PAY GRADE, prepositional phrase. (idiomatic) Beyond one's capability.
BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, noun. Alternative form of beyond a reasonable doubt
BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP, prepositional phrase. (Australia) (informal) (idiomatic) In an extremely isolated place, remote from populated areas; in the middle of nowhere. Typically used to refer to outback areas.
BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY, adjective. (idiomatic) Alternative form of above and beyond the call of duty
BEYOND THE PALE, prepositional phrase. Used other than as an idiom: see beyond,‎ pale.
BEYOND THE PALE, prepositional phrase. (idiomatic) (of a behaviour or person) Outside the bounds of morality, acceptable behaviour or good judgement, etc.

Dictionary definition

BEYOND, adverb. Farther along in space or time or degree; "through the valley and beyond"; "to the eighth grade but not beyond"; "will be influential in the 1990s and beyond".
BEYOND, adverb. On the farther side from the observer; "a pond with a hayfield beyond".
BEYOND, adverb. In addition; "agreed to provide essentials but nothing beyond".

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