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GENOA, proper noun. A province of Liguria, Italy.
GENOA, proper noun. A city and the capital of the province of Genoa, and also the capital of Liguria.
GENOA, proper noun. A placename.
GENOA, noun. (nautical) A staysail that resembles a jib but extends aft beyond the mast.
GENOA, noun. Genoa cake
GENOA CAKE, noun. A fruitcake consisting of sultanas, currants or raisins, glacé cherries, almonds, and candied orange peel or essence, cooked in a batter of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar.
GENOA CAKES, noun. Plural of Genoa cake

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GENOA, noun. A seaport in northwestern Italy; provincial capital of Liguria.

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