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ABBÉ, noun. (obsolete) A French abbot, the (male) head of an abbey. [mid 16th century]
ABBÉ, noun. An honorific title for a member of the French clergy. [mid 16th century]
ABBE, noun. Alternative spelling of abbé
ABBE CONDENSER, noun. A condenser composed of two lenses which concentrates and controls the light which passes through an examined specimen before that light enters the objective of a microscope, used to obtain high levels of magnification.
ABBE CONDENSERS, noun. Plural of Abbe condenser
ABBE NUMBER, noun. A number that represents the reciprocal of the dispersive power of a substance with transparent qualities.
ABBE NUMBERS, noun. Plural of Abbe number
ABBE REFRACTOMETER, noun. (physics) An instrument used to measure the refractive index of a liquid, by utilizing the critical angle for total reflection.
ABBE REFRACTOMETERS, noun. Plural of Abbe refractometer

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ABBE, noun. A French abbot.

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