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SCAFFOLD, noun. A structure made of scaffolding, for workers to stand on while working on a building.
SCAFFOLD, noun. An elevated platform on which a criminal is executed.
SCAFFOLD, noun. (metalworking) An accumulation of adherent, partly fused material forming a shelf or dome-shaped obstruction above the tuyeres in a blast furnace.
SCAFFOLD, verb. (transitive) To set up a scaffolding; to surround a building with scaffolding.
SCAFFOLD HOPPING, noun. (pharmacology) lead hopping
SCAFFOLD PROTEIN, noun. (biochemistry) Proteins that bring together various other proteins in a signaling pathway and allow for their interaction. They recruit downstream effectors in a pathway and enhance specificity of the signal.
SCAFFOLD PROTEINS, noun. Plural of scaffold protein

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SCAFFOLD, noun. A platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded).
SCAFFOLD, noun. A temporary arrangement erected around a building for convenience of workers.
SCAFFOLD, verb. Provide with a scaffold for support; "scaffold the building before painting it".

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