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RUTH, noun. (archaic) Sorrow for the misery of another; pity, compassion; mercy. [from 13th c.]
RUTH, noun. (now rare) Repentance; regret; remorse. [from 13th c.]
RUTH, noun. (obsolete) Sorrow; misery; distress. [13th-17th c.]
RUTH, noun. (obsolete) Something which causes regret or sorrow; a pitiful sight. [13th-17th c.]
RUTH, proper noun. A book of the Old Testament and the Hebrew Tanakh.
RUTH, proper noun. Ruth, the resident of Moab around whom the text centers.
RUTH, proper noun. A female given name.

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RUTH, noun. United States professional baseball player famous for hitting home runs (1895-1948).
RUTH, noun. The great-grandmother of king David whose story is told in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament.
RUTH, noun. A feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others; "the blind are too often objects of pity".
RUTH, noun. A book of the Old Testament that tells the story of Ruth who was not an Israelite but who married an Israelite and who stayed with her mother-in-law Naomi after her husband died.

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